Monday, 5 March 2012

Rusia is 140% Putin

It came to no-one as a surprise that Vladimir Putin won six more years in Kremlin, according to exit polls and preliminary results. He has been someway or another in power ever since he received his divine blessing from Boris Yeltsin at the beginning of 2000. According to an exit poll by the Public Opinion Foundation he got 59.3% of the votes and taking into account the Central Electoral Commission he won 62.81% of the votes, after counting almost 20% of the entire votes. 

Fraud allegations

His opponents are planning to organize massive street protests to ultimately challenge the results. Bloomberg reports that there have been more than 3000 reports of violations in Moscow as of 6.40 pm local time. It looks like we will have to wait another 6 years till we see again Putin as a prime-minister and possibly Medvedev as president (but only if he behaves well).

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